Beat The Drug Test Easily

There are many reasons why people use drugs. Some do so for medical reasons. Actually, medical marijuana has many health benefits. The majority of drug users use drugs for recreation.

For whatever reason you use drugs, an employer will not care about that. If you test positive for a drug test, you will face serious penalties including the possibility of job loss. A positive outcome will also deny you a job.

Your favorite pastime should not come in your path of career success. Luckily, there are many options for clearing drug metabolites from your system, before a drug test. If you do not have time for detoxification, you should consider cheating the urine drug test using the best synthetic urine.

A Drug Test Can Get You Fired

Your employer can conduct a random drug test. If he does so and you are a regular user of cannabis or any other drug chances are that the test will reveal your drug usage. That will lead to suspension or even fire.

A random drug test can happen if:

• It is company policy to do random drug testing at least once in a year.
• There is reasonable suspicion that you are using drugs.
• You have just completed a rehabilitation program and the company wants to make sure that you have totally conquered an addiction.
• You are frequently absent from work.
• You have low work performance.
• You frequently argue with your co-workers.
The last thing that you want is to lose your job because of drug usage. That does not have to be the case. Of course, the best strategy is stopping drug usage. That will not be easy and it will not happen overnight. Thus, the best way is to cheat the drug test. Since most drug tests involve testing urine, you can beat the test using best synthetic urine.

A Drug Test Can Deny You a Lifetime Job Opportunity

Most organizations nowadays conduct drug tests before hiring employees. The good news is that you can beat the pre-employment drug test. One of your options is using the best synthetic urine.

Options for Beating the Drug Test

1. Become Drug-Free

This is the best option but the hardest. Being drug-free has several benefits. First, you will never have to worry about a drug test. Secondly, you will be able to save more money. Thirdly, your relationships and your health will improve.

Becoming drug-free is a hard decision you have to make. It is a long-term strategy. You will not conquer drugs overnight.

Maybe, you are not even considering leaving drugs. If that is the case, you will have to find other options of conquering the drug test.

2. Use the Best Synthetic Urine

In most cases, urine drug test is used. This test is easy to beat. You simply need to buy the best synthetic urine and present it instead of presenting your real urine. Of course, no one will follow you to the toilet to make sure that you are actually collecting your own urine. That will be an invasion of privacy. Therefore, this trick will easily work.

Make sure that you buy top grade synthetic urine. After you purchase, you will need to heat the urine for 10 seconds so that it is at the right temperature. You will get all the tools needed to prepare the synthetic urine.

3. Use a Special Hair Shampoo

A hair test will unearth drug metabolites in your hair and that will make you fail the hair drug test. To beat this test, you will need to use a special shampoo for a number of days before the test. That shampoo will remove all drug metabolites from your hair follicles.

4. Detoxify Your Body

If you have some weeks before the test, you can decide to detoxify your body. This will not only help you to pass the drug test but it will also improve your overall health.

• For detoxification to work, make sure that you totally stop using drugs during the period of detoxification.
• To detoxify your body, you will need to drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods. During the detoxification period, you should minimize your consumption of fast food, tea, and coffee.
• Body detoxification will also involve exercising.

The Bottom-Line

Do not let a drug test to stand on your way in the quest for a lifetime opportunity. You can easily beat that test. One of your alternatives is the best synthetic urine.

What You Need To Know About Drug Testing

In the United States, 62% of employers have a drug-testing program. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), all federal workplaces should test potential employees for opiates, cocaine, and marijuana.

According to a number of studies, 1 out of 6 government employees have a drug problem. A 2007 United Nation Drug Report shows that more than 150 million people have consumed marijuana within the last one year.

A 2007 survey by the Quest Diagnostic Drug Testing Center indicates that in 2007, the use of amphetamines in the US workplace increased by 5%. A survey of saliva drug testing shows that US companies employ over 70% of adult drug users. That makes American businesses to lose over $80 billion every year.

Drug Testing is worth the Cost
It is not cheap to test employees for drugs. Actually, it costs over $15,000 annually to test just one employee for drugs. However, the cost is worth it. That is because:

• A drug-free employee will rarely be absent from work. A drug user is likely to be 20 times more absent from work than the employee not using drugs.
• Drug abusers are usually less productive.
• Employed drug users also cost the company more medical expenses and benefits.

Passing a Drug Test
If you are a drug user and you are about to go to an interview, you will have to remove all drug residues from your system. That is because a drug test is likely to feature as part of the evaluation process. In most cases, there is usually a hair test. Many products can help you to remove drug toxins from your hair and subsequently pass a drug test. You can read Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo review, to see if Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo will be the best product for your needs.

An important step if you want to pass a drug test is to stop using all manner of drugs, weeks before the interview. On top of using a cleansing shampoo, you will need to detoxify your body. That will increase your chances of passing a drug test. During the cleansing period, you should drink plenty of water. You also need to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Exercising will also help in eliminating drug toxins in the body. That is because exercising makes you to sweat and sweating removes toxins.

Types of Drug Tests

1. Hair Follicle Test

The most common type of drug test is hair follicle test. This method assesses the presence of drug metabolites in hair follicles.

According to a trusted Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo review, Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo can help you to pass a hair follicle test. The same Nexxus review indicates that you will need to use the product 1-2 weeks before your test. For effective results, you should use the product every day before the test. Use Nexxus Shampoo, a number of times in a day. During each washing, the product should stay in your hair for 3-10 minutes.

2. Saliva Drug Test

This is also quite common. It involves testing the saliva.

3. Urine Drug Testing

This is popular because of its accuracy and reliability. A urine drug test is an effective way of evaluating whether an employee or a potential employee is a drug user. Most employers usually strive to create a drug-free workplace.

Passing the First Drug Test is not enough
Even if you pass a drug test, you need to limit your intake of drugs because you never know when your employer will conduct a random drug test. Generally, drugs are dangerous for your health. They will lower your productivity and affect your appearance. Drugs can make you lose a job.

There are many dangers of drugs. You can easily engage in risky behavior when you are on drugs. Drug abuse is also an expensive affair that also affects your relations.

An employer can order a random drug test if:

• You are frequently absent from work.
• There is reasonable suspicion that you are abusing drugs.
• You have low work performance.
• You frequently argue with your co-workers.
• A random drug test can happen unannounced, at least once in a year.
• After undergoing rehab treatment, an organization can subject you to a drug test so that to verify that you have stopped using drugs.

The Bottom-Line
A drug-free workplace will produce a progressive workplace. It will result in a reduction in worker’s compensation claims and increased productivity.

How To Prepare For An Employment Drug Test And The Best Ways To Pass The Test

Today, drug tests have become part of almost every pre-employment process especially for those candidates who reach the final stages of the selection process. Although most private employers are not mandated to test for drug and alcohol use, the benefits of hiring an employee who does not use drugs make it necessary to carry out drug tests. In organizations that are not mandated by law to test their employees, the guidelines for drug tests are laid down on the company policy. Some of the reasons why employers carry out drug tests are to qualify for workers’ compensation discounts, to avoid legal liability and to maintain productivity and save money.

Most states encourage private companies to take internal steps to maintain a drug-free workplace by offering discounts on their workers’ compensation insurance premiums. It is also estimated that employees who use drugs are three times more likely to be involved in a workplace accident, late for work, or absent from work as well as five times more likely to file a compensation claim. Absenteeism affects the productivity and profitability of the company while compensation claims affect the costs and thus, ensuring that employees are not using drugs positively affects the productivity and costs. Furthermore, if an intoxicated employee causes an accident, the affected individuals can sue the employer and hence the need to ensure that employees are not using drugs at the workplace.

How to prepare for a drug test

To be on the safe side, it is a good idea to stop using drugs if you are actively looking for a job especially in the transport and defense industries as most employers will likely ask you to take a drug test. If it is already too late and you have been notified about a drug test, you should stop using drugs immediately. You should note that drug testing laboratories are more accurate and effective and thus, it is less likely that you will have a false positive on your result. Furthermore, depending on the type of drug test, it is possible to detect drug residue in your system several days after using the drug.

It is also a good idea to test yourself immediately you learn about an impending drug test to know whether you have a reason to worry. Home drug detection kits may not be as accurate as the lab tests but they can provide you with information about the levels of detectable drugs in your system. If the home tests come out positive, you should consider using quality products such as hair detox shampoo for a hair test and powdered urine for a urine test. Nevertheless, it is important to note that not all fake pee products will help you pass the urine test due to the quality issues. That said, test clear powdered urine reviews show that majority of people who successfully substituted their urine with Testclear powdered urine passed their tests.

If you have time before the date of drug test, you should let your body flush out the drug residue. Whether you should go for products such as the hair detox shampoo or let the body flush out drug residue depends on the time available, the type of drug test and the lifespan of the drug. Imagine reading all the testclear powdered urine reviews to learn how it works but when in the lab with the kit, you find that you are required to take a hair test. To avoid that scenario, the first information you should seek is the type of the drug test that you will be required to take. The common employment drug tests include urine test, hair test, blood test and saliva test.

Passing the common pre-employment drug test

Urine Drug Test: Urine drug test is the commonly used pre-employment test and the easiest to fake because it has a private period. Since the person administering the test will not stare at your privates, you will have a chance to swap your urine. However, the fake pee must be conveniently packed to allow you swap your urine without being detected. According to the testclear powdered urine reviews, the kit is conveniently packed for quick and easy swapping. If you have time before the test, you should find out how long the drugs stay in your system and decide whether the available time is adequate to allow natural flushing of the residue from the system.

Blood test: Blood test is rarely used during random drug testing as it only detects the present level of intoxication and not the residue drugs in the system. You should also note that blood test will detect all drugs in your system including medications and thus, it is important to notify the company if you are taking certain medications.

Hair test: Hair follicle test is considered five times more effective than urine test when it comes to detecting traces of illicit substances in your system. Unlike urine that shows residue traces, a hair follicle test shows whether the person has been using drugs in the past mostly within the previous 90 days. Nevertheless, it takes a while before the traces of drug can become detectable through the hair test and thus, the test cannot detect drugs taken in the last 5 days. If you have used a certain drug in the near future, there is likeliness that the traces can be detected in your hair. Using hair detox shampoo can help you pass the drug test.


Failing a drug test will not only subject you to disciplinary procedures, but it can make you lose your job and thus, it is important to be extra careful before the test. Excuses will not count if the test comes out positive and thus, it is wise to try what will work best for your case whether it is using products to alter the test or buy yourself time to allow the drug flush out of your system.


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